Bruce Jenner

My thoughts on Bruce Jenner, if you care to read.


When everyone was taking about Bruce transitioning to a woman there were a lot of opinions flying around.

“How courageous!” 

“How disgusting!”

“That’s insulting to women!”


*If you don’t share my beliefs about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, you might as well stop reading 🙂 You won’t agree, and you’ll probably be mad at me and think I’m narrow-minded and backwards.


Each person has an opinion (which they are entitled to). For my part I was more grieved than I was shocked or disgustedHere I saw a man who had it all – fame, success, accomplishments, family, and money. Here was a man who was living the American dream on reality TV for all to see.

But we also saw, played out every week, the toll that human relationships can have on a person. At the end of the day, it is LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS that define our value, our purpose, and our acceptance. Sure, a lot of the Kardashian drama was exaggerated and/or scripted – but there was real pain and rejection.


The devil is the master of perversion. He takes what is right and good and perverts it into something that perhaps looks the same, but in reality, the entire makeup of the original has become so far from right that it is beyond recognition. Like a person who was emasculated by a stressful life in the spotlight becoming that which emasculated him. As a man, Bruce was pitied by the media because of his domineering and controlling family. As a woman he is celebrated for his bravery.


There are factors in a person’s life that we as spectators can never know unless we are in close proximity. This is why it’s so dangerous for us judge stars because, guess what? You don’t know the details! If a person isn’t set free by the power of Jesus, they start accepting what people say about them because they don’t know or believe what GOD says about them.


Don’t be flippant about Bruce’s decisions – we don’t know the pain and hurt that illuminated this path as the “right” and “true” path for him. We don’t know if, right now, he’s sitting in his home looking in the mirror thinking, “What have I done?” We don’t know what the backlash from his transitions is doing to him – or how it’s tormenting him. The memes and the tweets and the Facebook statuses – they aren’t just distant, unacknowledged cyber dust. They do make a difference.


I imagine Bruce standing before me – completely deceived – asking me to “Please, call me Caitlyn.” I wonder if I’ll say, “Oh, you have to see this meme some internet troll made of you! It’s hilarious. They’re totally continuing to emasculate you! Isn’t it great?” Right now, thinking about it, I want to cry. Why? Because Satan uses pain to push someone into sin and then uses pain to keep them in sin. So what is the answer? To display love, because NO ONE is unreachable. No amount of surgery can separate a person from God’s love – they may separate themselves from Him, but he’s ALWAYS RIGHT THERE waiting for the moment of redemption.


Christians may respond in two ways:

“God loves you! He’s so proud you discovered your true self!”

“You are an abomination! You are going to hell!”


Or maybe, we can act like we’ve got sense alongside that Love we brag about.


“Father, show me how I can love this person the way the NEED to be loved. Not the way my preconceived notions of love dictate – but what expression of love do YOU want to display to them. Holy Spirit DRAW them to wholeness and truth and completion IN YOU. Jesus, you have made a way for ALL who call upon You. Thank you for giving me the perseverance to pray and love as long as it takes for truth to be known in their lives.”


Please don’t jump on a bandwagon. Think for yourselves. What would Jesus do? It’s not just a cliché phrase – it’s how we are supposed to live. What is the Holy Spirit doing? If you don’t know, then perhaps you need to spend more time with him. What is God’s will? Read the Bible, it’s plain and simple – purpose, completion, healing, protection – it’s called sozo, salvation.


Our job? To show model sozo to the hurting. To the Bruce Jenner’s, to the kids in the neighborhood, to the cashier at the grocery store. Don’t get SO focused on one news story that you lose sight of the big picture: THE WORLD. Every man, woman, boy and girl whether they identify with their God-given DNA or not.


The only person stopping you from showing others true salvation, is you.

Do your part in love, God will do His.

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