3 Stories


Missions fulfill something inside of you that you aren’t always aware is there. When it’s filled, you realize that maybe you aren’t living your full potential on a daily basis. It’s both the happiest and most sobering moment of your life.

Every time I’m on the “mission field” I realize anew that I was born for it.

People think that you have to be a “missionary” to work the mission field – but the truth is we’re all BORN for it.

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…”

When he spoke those words (the Great Commission), from that very moment, it reverberated throughout time and space and planted that calling within your soul. When you became a Christian, it sprung to life. Now, whether at home or in a third world country, you have been born to share Jesus’ love to the world.

Here are three stories about my most recent trip to the Dominican Republic with Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day.



Story One:

I’ll never forget Wednesday, July 22nd as we arrived at our first ministry site. Our representative from the church was there along with a few others, but other than that we didn’t have any locals to minister to. Liz and I sent the groups out to invite people. While they were out an elderly lady approached us, when our Pastor let her know what was happening, she seated herself on one of the benches and happily waited for the ministry to begin. As soon as the site was underway with dancing and welcome, I sat down next to her. I intended on being there for company and to pray for he, but a translator came over almost immediately (apparently they assumed I’d needed one, which I did!). I found out she was in pain from a leg that had been broken in three places, her neck and elbow were also in pain. She said she wanted to ask Jesus into her life. I prayed for her, she accepted Jesus, and all the pain in her body left. She was so excited she immediately asked if she could share her testimony!

One of the best parts about mission work is empowering others to live out the Gospel and not to do it for them.



Story Two:

On our first day there our teams broke out into groups and took on the city! We were praying for men, women, children, and inviting them to the HUGE stadium outreach that Saturday. I saw a man standing outside of a clinic and decided to talk with him. A translator appeared out of nowhere and we found out that the man had constant pain in his knee. I put my hand on his knee and had him bend it – I could feel that it was all messed up. I told the knee to be healed and then told him to bend it again. This time the knee bent smoothly. He smiled, but looked unsure. He backed away saying, “Ok. Ok.” I told him to come to the stadium outreach and he said, “I will.”

Miracles aren’t just to shock people into believing God is real – it’s an invitation into relationship. 



Story Three:

One of my favorite sites had this little boy named Davi (seven or eight years old). He had a baseball cap on and wouldn’t smile. I sat down in the midst of him and his friends and hung out. Praying over them softly in the Spirit, talking to them as best I could and telling them “Cristo te ama”. All the while I sought after a smile from little Davi. He was acting so tough! Finally, I took out my phone and starting snapping some selfies with him. I made some silly faces and voila! – little Davi smiled. I gave him the BIGGEST hug, and he just kept smiling.

Sometimes you need to break down the walls of someone’s heart with a love free from pressure or expectation before they can believe in a Love with no strings attached.


One thing you’ll realize as your fulfill the Great Commission, is that we’re all the same. We’re all loved the same. Jesus’ sacrifice was once for ALL. That there are no barriers that can keep the message of Love from someones heart.

A long as someone speaks, someone will hear. As long as someone shows love, someone will receive love. As long as someone speaks healing, there will BE healing.

But it takes SOMEONE. It takes YOU.

And as always, your mission field is the ground you walk on. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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