Love is Easy

At lunch Sunday, my brother Ben noticed a lady eating by herself and looking sad. He wanted to pay for her meal. I saw her myself and was like, “I’m praying for her before we leave.”

Ben and I make a good team.

We all got up to leave and I asked if I could sit down next to her (well, I basically sat myself). I asked her what her name was and let her know that my brother felt it on his heart to pay for her meal – she was shocked. I asked if there was anything I could pray with her about and she answered about her health.  As we chatted, her eyes filled with tears and I reminded her that God was her best friend and he wanted to take care of her (even by paying for her meal!).

By the end of the conversation we were both in tears. I gave her great big hug and she offered to share her cookie with me! It was precious.

The point is that God showed himself to her in two ways: One, as a provider and two, as a friend. People NEED to know God as those things, and it isn’t difficult. That was the easiest thing to do. For my brother, it wasn’t a burden to have to pay for another meal, it was a natural response to meet someones need. For me, it was a natural thing to then use that as an avenue to bring Jesus into the picture.

That’s all you’re supposed to do: Bring Jesus into the picture.

God gave us the authority on the earth. He can’t do anything without the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit can’t do anything without us. We are greatly relied on to bring Jesus into people’s lives – the more you see the need, the easier it will be to meet it. Look up from your circumstance and look out into the world. In so doing your circumstance is put into perspective – God perspective – and suddenly things change.

Love is easy.

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