Gender Equality: A View

This characteristic of the females being larger can be seen in all birds of prey. The scientific term for this size phenomenon is known as “reverse sexual size dimorphism.” The female bald eagles do the majority of the incubation when it comes to nesting, and the male eagles do the hunting. The size difference fits perfectly for their duties; males’ smaller, sleeker body enables them to be slightly better hunters and the females’ larger size allows her to sit for longer periods on the nest. The larger size in females is also a great deterrent for predators approaching the nest. (


Men and Women aren’t that hard to figure out. For one, it isn’t Men VS. Women – it’s Men AND Women; equal, together, the complete picture. The above paragraph on the bald eagle is a perfect illustration. Here we have two animals with the same goal: personal survival and survival of their young. They work together equally to accomplish that. They were designed specifically for the task. The male is expertly fashioned to be the best hunter, the woman painstakingly configured to withstand long periods of incubation as well as designed to be intimidating to any predators. When it is the females turn to hunt, the male will incubate the eggs – and this is how they operate.


There is no fighting about their designed functions.


However, we can’t look to animals for a basis of how to live in society. After all we have species that eat their young, abandon children who aren’t genetically superior, and other horrid acts that a human being would never think of doing. So what can we learn from a pair of eagles without lessening the value on humanity?


1., Man and woman were designed for different things and those “things” may vary from individual to individual. A woman may have been designed to figure out science’s most mysterious questions – and so could a man. A man might be designed to nurture a room full of fifth graders and come up with new learning programs – and so could a woman. Whatever the “call” that the individual was made for is a part of who they are as a man or woman. I call it their unique femininity or manliness – it isn’t cookie cutter, it’s unique! One doesn’t lessen the uniqueness of the other because then it would lose it’s uniqueness.


2., Man and woman are more effective when they work together. My brain works differently than every other brain on the planet, male or female. This is true for EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET. The key is to be able to learn from different perspectives and not see gender as some sort of pitfall – it’s not about gender, it’s about how we can work together to best achieve the goal. What is the goal? The broad picture of a Christian is to reach people with the love of Jesus – that’s the “biggest picture” goal. Breaking it down into a career, people in the field of education have the goal of best presenting information to young minds that will grow up to shape the future. Breaking it down even further to the family, the goal is that the family be provided for, unified, happy, and a whole. As an individual? The goal is to be the absolute best version of yourself at all times.


What if, in the glory of our uniqueness, we agreed at each of those levels? What would it look like?


Woman, “I will do everything in my power to make this school the best school in the nation.”


Man, “I will do everything in my power to make this school the best school in the nation.”


Woman, “What are your ideas?”


Man, “A B and C. What do you think?”


Woman, “I love B and C, but I think A might work better if we did D and E…”

The conversation changes from “I gotta get mine and what’s due ME” to “what can we figure out together to achieve the goal we each want”. The female eagle doesn’t say to the male, “I can’t believe you leave me to scare off predators and incubate these eggs while you go flying about having fun and hunting for the family!” Nor does the male eagle say; “I can’t believe you stay sitting on the nest all day while I’m out slaving to keep us fed.” That would be absurd. If the female tried to do the male’s job she would spend all day hunting and not get enough food to feed everyone because of her size, and if she left the nest for too long her children might die because the male isn’t big enough to keep them well incubated, and to top it all off the male AND the children might succumb to an attack and be killed because the male’s size doesn’t scare predators away.


The same is true with us. When we strive to be someone we’re not based upon insecurity or pride, we are leaving the area in our life for which we’ve been designed open to destruction. The media is hypocritical. On one side they say GENDER EQUALITY! and in the same breath they dehumanize both male and female causing conflict between the two. You cannot jump on the bandwagon, you must find out WHO YOU ARE. When you are confidant in your identity, you realize you are already equal in value. You can stop fighting with each other and work together to create real change.


If you know you’re equal, you’ve already won. Unity is where success happens, freedom happens, change happens, and completion happens.

You may say I’m naive, but I believe what the Bible says. I cannot expect every person to have this view, but I will do MY part and that’s all that is required of me. Just do YOUR part, whatever that looks like, and PROMOTE unity wherever you go.

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