Go for the TESTIMONY

When Tim and I started dating we immediately bonded over our shared love for The Rock.


We said we wanted a French Bulldog that we would name Hobbs after The Rock’s Frenchie (I know, original).

Tim wrote goals and vision on a white board in his bachelor pad and also on giant post-its (seriously, they covered the walls). We were married September 23rd and immediately began to add “married” things to the white board. Among them were debts (personal/Breakloose), goals, and a drawing of a Frenchie with “Hobbs” written over it. Later, Tim added, “Jan 17” next to it. We would verbalize the completion of our goals and we pretended to have a dog – I know, we are ridiculous!

We had many chances to get a puppy that wasn’t a Frenchie. We visited shelters, rescues, inquired about dogs from Craigslist and other online sites. For weeks we were obsessed with finding a dog. Finally, we had to have a discussion: were we going to settle or were we going to go for the testimony? In other words: were we going to do what we could do ourselves or were we going to let GOD make it happen?

We decided to GO FOR THE TESTIMONY so that GOD could receive all the glory.

The debts began being wiped off the whiteboard at an accelerated rate. Our goals were being wiped off. We were seeing amazing things happening in the ministry that was unprecedented! And FINALLY we found our Frenchie. Problem? She was 1300 and we wanted to be debt free. Amazingly enough, prior to finding our Frenchie, we were taken out to dinner by friends who blessed us with a check for over 1k. We used this towards our debt and saw half of it knocked out. We used WISDOM by allowing our dreams to come true by being faithful stewards of the resources given us.

Tim was working out and scrolling casually on Puppyfind.com – he happened upon a three-year-old male Frenchie for only 1k. He didn’t think the big guy was too cute, but he texted the breeder anyway. After a short conversation, the woman sends another text letting Tim know about a six-month-old female with an underbite for 1300. She wouldn’t be eligible for breeding because of the flaw in her genetics, and they didn’t want it passing through the Frenchie line. We saw the picture and were in-love. Immediately I named her “Daisy” (my favorite flower and a profound example of God’s love that Todd White uses). Still, she wasn’t ours, but we started talking as if she were.


Tim told me we would have to wait until Jan 17th. DISAPPOINTING. I wanted her yesterday! Little did I know he got his Christmas bonus and had made plans to get her the following week. He surprised me on Jan 2nd with Daisy and I bawled like a baby. She was perfect; she cuddles, plays, and has the sweetest personality. We often say, “Thank you, Jesus” when we’re playing or talking about her because we know that this dog was for us.

THREE MONTHS after we set our goals on the whiteboard – almost every single one of them was fulfilled. We have two final debts that will be paid off at the end of this month. Debt free with Daisy all because we knew that God was capable of everything we were incapable of. 

GO FOR THE TESTIMONY. Why not? What do you have to lose? There is something – a dream, a vision, a personal goal – that you can see accomplished when you let God be the strength in your weakness. If we act like we know everything and can do everything all the time how can God get any glory for the successes in our lives? If you think you’re good now, just WAIT until you involve God.


Tim on the first day!                            Daisy working hard.

Visit Daisy’s Instagram! (Yes, we are THOSE people)

Visit my YouTube to watch the video of this testimony!

Visit Breakloose to see the amazing things we’re doing in prisons across the mid west!


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