A Letter to Our Daughter

Dear Little Warrior Queen,


You will be growing up in an amazing time – unlike any other in the history of mankind. How exciting! There are some who hesitate to bring life into our war-torn world, but we have been praying for your existence before your father and I were ever married. Why? Because we know how necessary your shining light is in our lovely world.

God Himself has entrusted us with your training. We don’t take parenting lightly, for our example of mother and father to you and our lifestyle of following Jesus will be how you perceive your Heavenly Father when the time comes for you to “leave the nest”.

You will start out as an innocent child, but one day you will be a knowledgeable, fiery, compassionate woman.

You must know these things:


  • Rejection doesn’t define you, God does.
  • The world’s love/hate doesn’t define you, God does.
  • Your womanhood is a gift from God.
  • Being feminine is not wrong, we each express it uniquely.
  • You are not an animal, you are the image of God.
  • True beauty is cultivated in the heart.
  • Other women will never be your problem, they are the reason you exist.
  • Men will never be your problem, they are the reason you exist.
  • The church is not your problem, it is a body you are a part of – you cannot hate your own body when you love God.
  • Your future is secure, so capitalize on your present.
  • The world will tell you to be yourself as long as you fit their mold; instead, be who God calls you to be and you’ll always be fulfilled.
  • The sooner you realize you are here for others, the sooner fear can no longer affect you.
  • You were created for Love; not the world’s definition of love where anything goes – but absolute true love.


We will give you a foundation of Christ. We will introduce you to your Father and teach you His ways. We will give you every opportunity to be His hands and feet. You will see light at work everywhere you go and see how the petty darkness reacts to the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Your normal will be the way Jesus walked and your life will be an enigma to those who watch – confounding the wise and drawing them to truth.

You will be loved in our household and yet none of us with love the other more than we love the Life-Giver. We await your arrival with great expectation! Teaching you about Love will be the greatest joy of our lives.

See you soon,

Your Parents



2 thoughts on “A Letter to Our Daughter

  1. jordysaherrera says:

    Very powerful and prophetic! Thank you for sharing! I wish you the best and I declare that your child will be completely founded in the principles of Christ! I declare that when she grows up, she will be established and firm in Jesus, and that she will never know the world! God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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