*Hormonal Post Alert* Or is it?

I remember being thirteen or fourteen sitting in our Wednesday night girls group at church discussing the menstrual cycle – I know, fascinating. Where is this going? Just bear with me…it will all make sense.

Our teacher, Tasha McKinney, was leading a discussion about how people tend to believe that while on your cycle – because your hormones are going crazy – that this is an effective excuse to give in to emotional roller coaster moments (You know…crying for no reason, irritability..etc). However, she submitted to us that the Holy Spirit gave us the power of self-control.

From that moment I made a decision to not be affected by “raging hormones”, but strive to be balanced no matter what. My body wasn’t going to determine my behavior. I’d say I was successful since no one ever knew when Mother Nature came to visit – lol.

I brought the same mentality into pregnancy.

I was reading through my pregnancy app of women sharing stories of their breakdown moments: crying over the last piece of pizza (which is completely valid!), crying for no reason in a restaurant and so on. I asked my husband how he felt my hormones had affected my personality and he told me, “I haven’t really noticed anything different.”

I believe that we can cause ourselves more difficulties in different areas of our lives because of the expectations of what has always been the “norm”. For instance, I don’t think teenagers have to have rebellious stages, I don’t think toddler years have to be terrible, and I don’t think that pregnancy has to turn you into a crazy person (or your monthly cycle for that matter).

I wonder where in other areas of my life do I bring pre-existing conditioning into because of the “this is just how its supposed to be” philosophy. I wonder what areas in YOUR life could be radically transformed if you brought the fruits of the Spirit into the areas you never thought to bring them into!






Beach day at 26 weeks!

2 thoughts on “*Hormonal Post Alert* Or is it?

  1. Kate says:

    Love, love love this!! I’m very tired of people saying about hormones & pregnancy! Totally agree with you. I chose to be FREE to live in God’s Promises!

    Ps: Your belly look so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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