Hello, 2018.

2017 was amazing. I completed my first year of marriage, had my first baby, moved for the sixth time, transitioned to a plant-based diet, adopted a darling puppy, vlogged, blogged, and spent a year not working! It was a lot of fun, a lot of new, and a lot of needing to trust God. 2018 will have even more because I find that each year is an increase in one area and a decrease in another. I’ve already started a new job, we’ve adopted another darling puppy and possibilities glimmer on the horizon.

This past weekend I was beckoned to stop my work and peer out the glass windows of the building to view a breathtaking sunrise. It brought tears to my eyes because I honestly couldn’t remember the last sunrise I’d really looked at. I wondered out loud whether or not sunrises or sunsets were better, but I thought – though visually similar – they are wildly different. I concluded that “Today I love sunrises the best.”

This year feels like a “sunrise” year for me. The two symbolize different things: sunsets imply the end of the day, the chance to relax and wind down eventually heading off to peaceful slumber; it’s a reflection of the day and a hopeful outlook on tomorrow. Sunrises are a statement that the new day has arrived, time to roll up your sleeves and get to work; they are pals with morning devotions snuck in before the busyness of the day. Sunrises are a chance to deal with the leftovers of yesterday while bringing you the possibility of new experiences you’ve yet to have.

2018 is my sunrise year. It’s a year of focus, of hope, of new, and of wrapping up loose ends.

Whether you’re coming into a sunrise or sunset – this is your year to do with as you please. It’s not a year to waste. It’s a year to mobilize. If you’re single, engaged, married, a new parent, a seasoned parent, an empty nester, divorced, remarried, or have no family at all, your season can be a God season. No matter where you are in life you have the choice to empty yourself for the Kingdom.

Autocorrect altered a text sent to a friend recently. It read: Have a god day! (instead of “good” lol)

Though it was a mistake it is now an “amen” for my life this year. Have a GOD day. So, I say it to you now as we get deeper into our resolutions, our fasts, and the new side of our leaves – have a God day! Have a God year.

Love you all!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.07.55 PM.png


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