Secret Garden

I was reading the Beattitudes, but was struck by the chapter just after (Matthew 6). Three times those red letters say “then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you”. He says this in regards to three things: Giving, Prayer, and Fasting.


Giving, prayer, and fasting can all be done in a perverted manner; they are points of pride when done from a place of worldliness and not sonship. Financial pride, spiritual pride (in the eyes of others), and self-righteousness.

But we all know that. What I never realized is how all of chapter six laces together. Our treasures in Heaven mentioned in verse 19 are the rewards we are given when we do these things in the secret place (not for the reward of man). We cannot serve earthly treasures (renown, fame, money…etc) and have a heart full of heavenly things – you serve one or the other.

If you focus on earthly rewards, your heart is earthly.


At this point, I’m freaking out because I am reading the Father’s invitation into the secret place to be with Him.

He goes on to say “do not worry!” because in the secret place, seeking the Kingdom and righteousness (vs 33), my earthly needs will be taken care of as a B O N U S.

If my intimacy with my Father isn’t enough, I will strive for things, (positions, titles..etc) and be a worrier. If my intimacy with my Father is used for attention and with wrong motives, I have perverted our relationship and do not truly know my Father.

DO I CARE IF PEOPLE SEE MY INTIMACY WITH GOD? No! HE IS ENOUGH. If He never did another thing for me in my lifetime, the sacrifice of Jesus was ENOUGH for me. Our relationship is all I need. I don’t need STUFF, I need Him, and yet it brings Him joy to add on the stuff for fun!

Sex between husband and wife is done in the privacy of the home on the holiness of the marriage bed. The moment we move sex outside of Gods parameters we enter perversion. It becomes about myself, and not about my partner. Pornography is about performance for reaction/attention/money.

Our relationship with God, our intimate moments with Him, are not porn films for others to watch and react to: that perverts our relationship. Intimacy is about selflessness. It’s about my Father – who He is, what He desires, how can I please Him? Intimacy is selfless, passionate, and pure. If I USE my “relationship” to manipulate for things of the world, my desire is for myself and not for Him.

Intimacy cannot be faked. Sincerely seeking the Kingdom and righteousness (in the Holy Spirit) we get B O N U S on earth. It is not our primary goal to be taken care of on earth, it is a by-product of our sonship.

Get into the secret place with your Father and build a relationship with Him so that you can know Him. You CAN know Him intimately.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.41.21 PM


PS: Watch my corresponding YouTube about the secret place here.

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